Competence Models in OM&SCM

Technological changes are continuously transforming companies’ needs for skills while competence is permanently acclaimed as the most important qualification for an employee. In the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management there still seems not to be a shared understanding of the knowledge items an employee should master at each level of his career or depending on his position, neither a structured reference model about competence evaluation seems to be universally recognized.

Inspired by maturity models, an international research team composed by experts from Brasil, France, Germany and Italy was formed in mid-2018 to design a complete, detailed, and all-inclusive multi-level and multi-dimensional competence framework for OM & SCM jobs. The framework shall be suitable for blue collars as well as white collars, managers or executives; shall define abilities, capabilities, skills, and knowledge, considering roles peculiarities and industry sectors; shall be useful for talent selections and recruitment activities, for designing training programs, for supporting employees’ growth, either with self-assessment or standard evaluation approaches.

Components of the international research team.

  • Prof. Guilherme L. Tortorella, University of Santa Catarina, BRASIL
  • Prof. Taha Arbaoui, University of Technology of Troyes, FRANCE
  • Prof. Michael Bojko, Chemnitz University of Technology, GERMANY
  • Prof. Massimiliano M. Schiraldi, “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, ITALY
  • Mr. Lorenzo d’Orazio, “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, ITALY
  • Ms. Chiara Cimini, University of Bergamo, ITALY

For more information please contact Prof. M.M. Schiraldi.