The continuous growing of computational resources and the implementation of new and improved numerical methodologies are fueling the development of computer-aided tools that are deeply changing the way of approaching to engineering problems. Among the different tools, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) methodologies play a very important role due to the wide support to the activities of different topics of engineering, architecture and computer graphics. Thanks to recent developments in this field, it is now possible to build virtual prototypes of complex systems, starting from the definition of the three-dimensional geometries and including the simulation of kinematic, dynamics, structural and fluid-dynamic, electromagnetic performances. These tools represent a valid aid to the engineering, allowing an improvement of the quality and reliability of the designed products, reducing the time to market and saving a great amount of money.
This project addresses an innovative topic: the interactive sculpting applied to CAE. The goal is to put in the hands of the designer a CAD tool that allow changing the shape of a component directly touching its virtual representation. Three main ingredients are: augmented reality technology to see in the same view port the virtual object and the hands of the designer, fast radial basis functions mesh morphing to reshape the component reacting to designer finger pressure and a force feedback system to feel the component reaction during modeling.

Biancolini Marco Evangelos
Valentini Pier Paolo
Vivio Francesco
Cantone Luciano