XOX is a free and simple application to create and manage anonymous voting/feedback sessions in class. It has been developed for collecting students’ feedback in teaching, according to the most recent best-practices in teaching excellence.

With XOX, the teacher can easily create a question and let the students choose among two, three, four or nine alternatives. Each time the teacher asks for a vote, a random code is generated. The students shall input the code to be able to vote. The teacher will see the results when he decides to close the voting. Eventually, the students can testify their vote through a printscreen thanks to the code showed after the vote. The teacher may choose to generate a single question or a permanent session with multiple consecutive questions.

For example, the teacher may choose to generate a session at the beginning of the lesson. Then, the students shall input the sessione code. From that moment, the teacher may ask as many questions he wants and the students are not required to input any code furthemore.

Strenght point of XOX app are:

1) votes/answers are totally anonymous; no possibility at all to trace the voter.

2) questions are not pre-defined. Teachers shall prepare the questions in advance and show these to the students while in class, or shall simply ask questions orally.

3) Being the session code and no predefined questions, the votes have only meaning for the students being in class. The possibility to alter a voting result from outside is reduced to the minimum.

XOX can be downloaded from the Android Play Store or reached through the browser at http://utov.it/s/xox.

A quick start is available at this link: XOX quick start .